research methodologies

Mystery Research

Within the scope of mystery calling, we review the service willingness and the counselling quality regarding all kinds of inbound calls:

• Service-Hotlines, Consulting calls
• Service-Hotlines, counselling interviews
• Order transactions
• Customer complaints
• Bookings and reservations

By means of concealed client and prospect calls, according to predefined assessment criteria, you obtain information about the conversation quality (quota/ actual) as well as the duration of the call, selection tries etc.. Our analysis provides concrete optimization approaches as well.

Bluepoint Research has a broad range of experience and a well-founded knowledge in the field of call centre quality measurement in different segments (as well as for several services).

Silent Monitoring

Silent monitoring offers services for the inbound as well as outbound scope. With the silent monitoring we review in how far the agents abide by predefined standards (e.g. how sales orientated do the agents act?). The silent monitorers (trained employees) switch-on remotely to the dialogue as listeners – for example via the ACD equipment. This allows a 100% live situation. There are sure alternative procedures if a switch-on is not possible for whatever reason. Due to the continuing operation of silent monitoring projects in the past as well as currently you can fall back on our well-founded and beneficial knowledge in this field as well.

Where do you want to be supported? What should be analysed?

Product & Price


Where do you want to be supported? What should be analysed?


via Concept screening,
concept test,
concept & use test,
handling test,
home use test,
package test,
name test,
degustation test,
sniff test,
shelf test,
benefits & barriers,
shopper research,
first buyer survey.


Price barriers
Price position
Competitor prices
Price sensitivity

Price test e.g.
price analysis according to van Westendorp, but also combined test approaches.


Shelf structures
Shop design
Placement of products in the shelf
Advertising effect
Special placement and special design

Shelf test,
shopper research,
tachistoscope test,
buyer channels,
first buyer surveys.


User habits
Usage motivations and usage barriers

Base studies,
benefits & barriers,
usage & attitude studies.